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Laurel Lifestyles

Bespoke Nutrition and Wellbeing

Isabella’s fascination with health, nutrition and well-being began in her early 20’s. She was studying at the London School of Economics for a MSc in Economic History when her health began to rapidly decline. After a year doing the rounds of doctors, antibiotics and medications she decided to take matters into her own hands. While working for the BBC in London she began studying for a degree in Complementary Therapies, Nutrition. Isabella has since undertaken further study from the US into the practical applications of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.  

Isabella and her family spent ten years living outside of the UK. All her children were born at home; her first daughter in London, her second in Switzerland and her third in Luxembourg. Upon returning to the UK the family are very happy to have settled in beautiful Berkshire.


Isabella Surpless works with individuals and families to create bespoke health strategies based around nutrition and lifestyle changes. Isabella is a qualified nutritionist, (BSc) and one of a handful of nutritionists across the UK who provides mineral based analysis of your health in order to resolve the root cause of health problems, rather than simply addressing their symptoms. A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) allows for a high level of accuracy in understanding a client’s health challenges and in creating a nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to the individual. HTMA also provides a way for the client to gain regular quantitative feedback on their progress. 

HTMA is a way of fundamentally understanding a client's energy levels and where they are falling short: metabolism, adrenals, thyroid, blood sugar etc. Unlike blood or urine tests which give snapshot information, HTMA yields information about what is happening at the cellular level over a 2-3 month period.  The mineral and heavy metal information gleaned from an HTMA allows for clearly directed nutritional rebalancing and thus maximisation of energy. Energy is fundamental to health and wellbeing. 


LL Family Wellness

Why not make the change for the entire family at the same time.


LL Personal Uplift

Individual nutrition consulting for a specific issue


LL Corporate Seminars

Are you planning a corporate event and require a guest speaker to inspire your staff, then why not get in touch with me.


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Isabella has a very thoughtful, thorough and practical approach to nutrition and rebalancing life, sleep and eating habits. She diligently assisted our family through an anti-Candida treatment plan as well as a nutritional rebalancing programme. Throughout, she was approachable and responsive to what for us was a daunting whole-scale change. Based on Isabella’s detailed advice, we have made positive permanent changes to our lifestyles. I now feel, younger, more energetic and more confident in my habits than ever before!

Isabella from Laurel Lifestyles has not just transformed my family life but also made the impossible possible. She has transformed the well being of my family and helped us able to live life to the fullest again! The HTMA test results outlined the mineral imbalance in our body which had contributed to ill health for a prolonged period of time. It also gave a great indication of the possible future problems if I had let this imbalance continue. I am very pleased to have been able to get personalised bespoke wellbeing advice and handholding, every step of the way!

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Get in touch to book a consultation, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you. I am happy to work with clients anywhere in the world through a virtual consultation.

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