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Isabella has a very thoughtful, thorough and practical approach to nutrition and rebalancing life, sleep and eating habits. She diligently assisted our family through an anti-Candida treatment plan as well as a nutritional rebalancing programme. Throughout, she was approachable and responsive to what for us was a daunting whole-scale change. Based on Isabella’s detailed advice, we have made positive permanent changes to our lifestyles. I now feel, younger, more energetic and more confident in my habits than ever before!

Isabella from Laurel Lifestyles has not just transformed my family life but also made the impossible possible. She has transformed the well being of my family and helped us able to live life to the fullest again! The HTMA test results outlined the mineral imbalance in our body which had contributed to ill health for a prolonged period of time. It also gave a great indication of the possible future problems if I had let this imbalance continue. I am very pleased to have been able to get personalised bespoke wellbeing advice and handholding, every step of the way!

Christian Dybdahl-Oversen

Shruthi Morgan

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